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Welcome at Gusto Rotterdam

We are open again!
We are so happy to be open again! Everyday you are welcome from 15.00 for coffee, ice cream, drinks and snacks and from 17.00 for dinner. You can make a reservation here.

We also like to make you happy with take away or delivery! Until 16.30 you can do a pre-order online and pay in advance or give us a call (010 280 0812). Take a look at our take away menu. If you pick it up we give 15% discount.

If you prefer delivery at home, you can visit takeaway.com.

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Soon: Wijn-Spijs Wandeling

30 August 2020 at 12:00 hours





Opening hours

Monday 15:00-21:30 hours
Tuesday 15:00-21:30 hours
Wednesday 15:00-21:30 hours
Thursday 15:00-22:30 hours
Friday 15:00-22:30 hours
Saturday 15:00-22:30 hours
Sunday 15:00-21:30 hours